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Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills are the only team in the AFC East yet to win a Super  Bowl, though not for the lack of opportunity. In the early 90s the  Buffalo Bills lost four consecutive Super Bowls, or won four  consecutive AFC Championships depending on your perspective. It is a  record unlikely to be broken in this age of NFL parity.

Buffalo Bills 2006 Season Preview

A new head coach softer than triple-ply toilet tissue, and a young QB with the weight of the world on his shoulders and no one to protect him should equal disaster. They do have a good defense and a potentially great running game, but ultimately it is hard to foresee a winning year or even a decent year for the Bills.

Handicapping Value:
The Bills will offer some serious ATS value in certain key spots. They will not roll over in terms of margin of loss, and in the cold months when they are at home they will win games. Over/Under betting is tricky with this team although we are inclined to look for more total points results dipping under the number this season.

Best Time To Bet:
Winter in Buffalo is a cruel time to play football, andthe Bills will play hard in their late-season home encounters.

A mediocre straight-up record hovering between 5-11 at worst and 7-9 at best. Look for the Buffalo Bills team to spring the odd ATS surprise and end up 8-8 or better in that column, but no postseason dreams will come true this year.

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