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Chicago Bears

The greatest Chicago Bears team to date was coached by Mike Ditka and won Super Bowl XX in 1986 when they routed the New England Patriots. That Chicago Bears team also released one of the worst songs in the history of pop music, and several players became national celebrities.

Chicago Bears 2006 Season Preview

This is the year for the Chicago Bears to shine. They have the best defense in the league, and possibly the best defense seen since the
Ravens at their peak; they are well-coached; they have a very able young QB who has shown the ability to win (and even without him this team was still able to win  last season), and they have a decent back-up in Griese; they play in a pitiful division, which sets them up with plenty of soft games. It will be no surprise to see the Bears in the Super Bowl.

Handicapping Value:
The Under for total points is going to be popular here, and there will certainly be very few barnburners when they are on the field,  but be cautious as these numbers will be low from the outset. The Bears can  cover road spreads this year because they are very difficult to blow-out, so  expect narrow  margins of defeat. If you can get points on this team take  them with open arms.

Best time to bet:
Early, from Week 1 if possible. This is a team that people will get wise to within a couple of months. Their division games should also  provide  good betting opportunities, especially against the Vikings and  Packers, two teams that they will be eager to payback for past iniquities.

The Chicago Bears will be division champions, guaranteed. Their playoff run will depend on the extent to which Grossman matures throughout the season and stays healthy. We're predicting that they represent the NFC in the Super Bowl, and are a lively contender to win it all.

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