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What makes MyCapper so different from other handicapping services?

MyCapper has brought together the top sports handicapping professionals in the world, and made it incredibly easy and convenient for YOU to acquire the information and knowledge that they offer. The handicappers featured on MyCapper employ a variety of handicapping styles and techniques but they all know how to win at sports betting. MyCapper was launched by the same handicapping team that built MasterBets, a company based on fairness, integrity, and complete transparency. MyCapper will continue this tradition:

  • All picks are available online at reasonable rates, and picks must win before you pay.
  • You don't need to use a credit card to become a member, but we do offer credit card purchases for ease of use.
  • We do not lock you into any subscriptions. Stop buying picks whenever you
  • We do not charge you for picks that you do not want to buy.
  • We ask you for the bare minimum of personal information.
  • We will never violate your privacy by selling that information.
  • We provide the highest level of customer service.

How do I purchase picks?

First you will need to fill out a short registration form. We ask you for your name, email address, and for you to choose a password. The email address you give will be your log-in, along with your unique password. This enables you to access our premium Members Only sections. Once you have access you can view all current picks that are still open for a given day. Simply click on any of them and you will see their cost. You can then purchase them with MyCapper credits.

What are MyCapper credits?

Credits are the currency on MyCapper. 1 credit = $1. You purchase credits via PayPal or with your Credit Card. Once the credits have been deposited into your MyCapper account you can use them to purchase our picks. Periodically we may run special offers where we give you free credits. They can also be used to purchase picks. Credits are non-transferable and non-refundable. Credits cannot be withdrawn. Once you purchase credits you must use them on the Site.

I purchased credits with my PayPal account, but they are not showing up in my account yet. Why is this?

If you purchase credits through PayPal it can take up to 24 hours to process the transaction from PayPal's side. Once they have processed the transaction the credits will immediately appear in your MyCapper account. There should not be a delay, but it is possible. If you are buying credits in order to purchase a pick for that same day we recommend using your Credit Card. All approved Credit Card transactions are credited to your account without elay, so use them if you urgently require a pick. When using PayPal we recommend that you purchase credits in advance.

I purchased a pick earlier in the day. Will it still be available

Yes. Once you sign in you will have free access to any current picks that you have already purchased.

I bet on a pick and lost, but according to your site it was a win. Why is that?

You've searched for the best handicapping service, and now you've found it. Unfortunately you also have to search for the best sports book or bookie. As with any business sports books often offer lines for the same game at different prices. You have to shop around for the best odds. The lines we publish are accurate at the time, excluding any rare human error on our part, but every sports book sees the same lines we do and they shift their prices. All games are independently graded once they are completed in order to determine if a handicapper‘s pick won or lost. We use the final lines of the Stardust Sports book in Las Vegas, and we always give the benefit of ANY doubt about the final line in favor of YOU, the client. If you think a pick should have been graded as a loss, email us at to ask for a full credit refund.

I am a MasterBets client. Do I have to register again?

No you do not! Your original MasterBets login and password will now work on MyCapper. If you have MasterBets credits you can now use those credits to purchase ANY picks on MyCapper, either from MasterBets or from any other handicapper who sells picks on MyCapper.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept any major credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover), or you can enter your Paypal user name and password and purchase credits directly from your PayPal account.

I'm new to sports gambling, so could you explain how a Money Line works?

With money lines, there is a spread between how much one stands to LOSE if one bets on the favorite and loses, and how much one stands to WIN if one bets on the underdog and wins. Money lines are based on a hundred dollar wager. For example, a typical money line might be -150/+130. In that situation, if you take the favorite, you will win 100, or lose 150. That's what the minus 150 represents. And if you take the underdog, you will win 130 or lose 100, which is what the plus 130 number represents. When the numbers are close to 100, the spread is smaller than when the numbers rise. Thus, in baseball, one could have a game be -130/+120, but when the game involves a big favorite, it could be -300/+260.

What is a points line, and how does it work?

NFL and NBA games are handicapped so that one team begins with an artificial lead (the underdog), for betting purposes, while another team (the favorite) must begin with an artificial deficit to overcome. The final “straight up” result of an NFL or NBA game is often different from the sports betting result. For example, the Patriots are 9-pint favorites to beat the Bills. The Patriots must, therefore, win by 10 points or more for a bet on the Patriots to win. Or, you could bet on the Bills, in which case a loss by 8 points or less (and obviously any win by the Bills) would result in a Bills winning bet. The final score is 21-16, so the Patriots win by only 5 points. They fail to cover the points line of 9, so all bets on the Bills +9 would win while all bets on the Patriots -9 would lose.

I have a complaint or a question that wasn’t answered by the FAQ. What do I do?

You can email us at We will respond to all emails within 24 hours of receipt.


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