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Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers are one of the most popular NFL teams with rabid home fans and a fantastic team history. Green Bay won Super Bowl I 35-10 back in 1967 and followed that up by winning Super Bowl II as well. Their last NFL championship came in Super Bowl XXXI in 1997.

Green Bay Packers 2006 Season Preview

Green Bay Packers are coming off an awful season where their frailties were exposed. Brett Favre endured a dreadful year only to postpone his retirement in order to play behind an inexperienced O- Line, with only one decent wide receiver (Donald Driver) and a corps of injured or past their best running backs. No one, however, is further over the hill than Favre himself, whose athleticism and incredible arm strength can no longer mask his poor decision-making and basic dumbness. If you thought the Packers struggled last season wait until you see them this season.

Handicapping Value:
Very strong if you play against them. The Green Bay Packers have a lot of fans, and bettors with good long-term memory and poor short-term memory  (and many of these people exist) will continue to give Green Bay too  much credit. Line value will be in the other team's favor, especially when  the Packers are at home.

Best Time To Bet:
Late season home games where the Packers are meant to be at their best - ferocious winter months at Lambeau will no longer mean an automatic W for this team. Look to play against them.   Early on in the season will also be good, because it takes time for others  to work out just how dire this  team will be.

No playoffs for the Green Bay Packers, and another new head coach for 2007. No more Favre after this season, and this one will be embarrassing to watch. A 5 win SU team at best.

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