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Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins were fortunate to have one of the greatest quarterbacks ever to play the game in Dan Marino, but were unable to win a Super Bowl with him. The Miami Dolphins of 1972, however, are regarded by most experts as the greatest NFL team of all time and recorded a perfect season that year culminating in a Super Bowl win on January 14, 1973.

Miami Dolphins 2006 Season Preview

The Dolphins made an excellent move to acquire Culpepper in the off-season and they have a legitimate offense to go with a well-respected but possibly overrated defense. It was a great defense once, but maybe no longer an elite unit. The biggest question mark is their head coach, who made a number of poor decisions in crucial moments last season. If Saban gets his act together and gives Ronny Brown the ball a lot this team should make the playoffs.

Handicapping Value:
Negligible. This is a good team but it's also no surprise that they'll be a good team. A lot of media coverage here and so bettors will be all over them. The division is weak but highly competitive - the Bills and Jets hate the Dolphins, and the Patriots are still probably the best team of the four. It means that this will be a tough team to handicap, because there is very little margin either way. Go against them and they might turn out to be an excellent playoff-calibre team, but bet them and you might have too much public action on your side for the right value.

Best Time To Bet:
Home games against tough opponents, such as the Patriots, should see this team get the right spread, but exercise caution early on in the season until we can really see whether this team is over-hyped or actually legitimate.

A lot of points could be racked up when the Dolphins play - an offense with a lot of weapons and a defense that isn't all it's meant to be usually means high total points games. Focus on the totals with this team and you could earn some good coin betting the Over in the right spots. We say they make the playoffs as a wild-card team but fall at the first hurdle.

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