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Minnesota Vikings

Other than the Buffalo Bills no other team has endured more pitiful Super Bowls than the Minnesota Vikings. They have lost four Super Bowls, none of them close. The Vikings had the misfortune of running into superb AFC teams whenever they represented the NFC, although that has not happened since 1977. Recently the Vikings are best known for their partying habits and player scandals.

Minnesota Vikings Sports Betting Articles

Exhausted NFL Preseason Host - Both Good and Bad
Friday, August 27, 2010

August 27 - There's nothing better than an NFL Preseason home game. The fans are excited to see their favorite team in their own backyard and the players are elated to be close to their families after the bumps and grinds of camp. Unfortunately, for those of us that like to invest on NFLX hosts, some of these teams can turn out to be bad propositions. Tom Stryker explains....... read more

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