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New York Jets

The New York Jets are the only team in the AFC East yet to win a Super  Bowl, though not for the lack of opportunity. In the early 90s the  New York Jets lost four consecutive Super Bowls, or won four  consecutive AFC Championships depending on your perspective. It is a  record unlikely to be broken in this age of NFL parity.

New York Jets 2006 Season Preview

New head coach, talk of a rebuilding year, Pennington scorned by the media following one-too-many shoulder injuries, Martin finished as a rushing force - all these factors have experts writing off the Jets as one of the worst teams in the league.  We're not buying that just yet. They have sleeper betting potential, even if this won't be a glamorous SU season.

Handicapping Value:
Support the New York Jets, at least until Pennington is carted off the field clutching some part of his body that cries out "done for the season". He's a smart QB who doesn't need the deep threat to beat opponents, and as long as he is on the field the value is in taking the points for this dog. 

Best Time To Bet:
No injuries means betting the Jets until empirical evidence suggests that this is a losing proposition. Any major injuries and this becomes a team to bet against, so adaptability is the key with this one.

It is tough to tell how this season will progress for the Jets but we're more optimistic than most. You can make money betting on this team  if they're healthy, and you can make money the other way if they lose key players. Watch the Jets closely because it should be profitable for you to do so.

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